On Submit action doesn't work in ADD tab

Whatever i put in the fields, it is simply ignored !!!

Sorry i can’t upload more than one picture (???)

What are you trying to do specifically? Are you trying to write a unique ID via the native add option?

No i want to fill Partenaire ID field with Filtre field

Does the add screen have a “screen column” part? Sorry I can’t check now, but if you have that one, I think you can either set a screen column to be written to the right destination, or possibly a text entry with a default value?

The problem with the on submit actions in Add mode is that you are not connected to any existing rows so there are no existing values to grab other than whatever is on the user profile sheet (if you have user profiles enabled). I would suggest scrapping the Add mode altogether. Change your list screen to a detail screen. Then add a form button. The detail screen will be connected to the first row in the sheet by default, so you will have access to any values in that first row.

If you don’t want to do that, then make sure your single value column is in the user profile sheet, so it’s accessible everywhere in your app.


Finally, I made a form button and added a screen colum in the form to link it to the source form.
it’s not quite what I wanted at the beginning but it’s also not bad like that.
thank you :grinning: :+1: