100k-1m+ rows Pricing

I know pricing is a fluid topic right now. But is there a rough formula for per row pricing beyond the Pro App limit of 25k? Can Glide even handle this DB size?

I’m evaluating feasibility of a larger app right now. So any rough indications of past pricing models, or future pricing is helpful.

Note: The rows are for users of a public app (with sign in). I assume this qualifies under the row limit and NOT the $2/user. Couldn’t imagine $50k/mth for a 25k user app…

Any help here appreciated. Thanks!

I think at the moment, 25k is just a technical limit. When you go past that, your app’s performance decreases a lot. I don’t have info on whether the enterprise accounts help with navigating past that limit, would have to ask @Robert_Petitto or @Mark_Turrell about that.

If I understand you right you want a Public Pro app? Only in Private Pro Apps will you be charged $40 + $2 per user.

Not as far as I’m aware. I have a number of Private Pro apps under an Enterprise account. One of those hovers around the 25-30k row count. It’s noticeably slower than the others to load, although I suspect that’s more about the complexity of the app than the row count.

I don’t think there’s one size fits all when it comes to determining how many rows are too many.

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I have found that I get sheets I sort of forget about that chew up loads of rows (such as logging). Glide counts rows even if it is just an’Add Row’ action and the data is not referenced anywhere. So I either redo the app, or I have some offload function (Integromat no-code scenario to handle).

@Darren_Murphy and @Mark_Turrell Thanks for sharing your real world experiences.

@ThinhDinh Would performance still suffer if Row Owners are used? The “many rows” I need are just for users. Say 500k app users. I would assume only loading 1 user’s data via a Row Owner would help with load speed? Or is Glide still loading extra on startup?

I’m still confused on “public with sign-in” vs “private”. Isn’t a user just a user? lol

Good question. I imagine that row owners on the user sheet should certainly help with load times. If those users are filling out forms and adding rows to your app, though, expect a lot of sluggishness.


Thanks @Robert_Petitto
This saves me a lot of pain and user blowback!

I would add this: if @HouseHippo is using multiple row owner columns then the initial loading time would suffer a bit, or at least it was like that when I last tested. I think it comes down to Glide having to take into account more information on what rows to send to the user’s device.