Row limits, plan limits. and launching apps

Ok so here is the situation,
My app is at around 99% percent done in development
( life balance and habit tracking app). Using a freemium business model using Gumroad.
I was checking my row limit and it’s around 400 rows
But, it would easily flow over that if each user is recording lets say a habit
Or inserting tasks for these habits ( each task is a row in the db and each habit is a row as well .
Should I remove features to match the limit for a paid plan let’s say 5000 rows.which is not ideal for me.
Or as I read in other posts here that this plan is just a technical limitations and it is not a hard limit.
I already optimize row owners.
So if there are a 1000 habits in my habits table, but for example user 1 created 3 habits and user 2 created 100 habits. User 1 will only see his own 3 habits,
I can get around these technical limitations with row owners.
But my question is should I proceed and I am confident that the users data will go over the limit. Or should I remove features that consume the row limit?
Thanks for this amazing community

I don’t know if row limits on all plans are enforced or not. But I think the smart thing to do is to build your Apps and plan assuming that they are.


thanks for your reply darren,
as far as i read here by @Jeff_Hager
Row limits - The dark side of Glide :slight_smile: - Ask for Help - Glide Community (

if data isn’t downloaded for a particular user then glide will not read or scan the row. as some users are approaching and exceeding row limit and apps are still functional.
correct me if i am wrong.

Row Owners will affect how much data each individual user downloads to their device, so yes it can help with performance.

But this is unrelated to total row count. Consider this:

  • You have a Users table with 1000 rows
  • Row Owners is applied to the table such that each user device only downloads a single row
  • The table still counts as 1000 rows towards your row quota for that App.
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yes sure i understand this, but is the row limit is enforced? what happens if i reached it ?

As I said in my earlier reply, I don’t really know. I think the limits might be strictly enforced on the lower plans, and perhaps relaxed a bit on the higher plans.

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