02/02/2022 I finished my Product Manager training & My editor told me we resume our work of my tetralogy

Hi :slight_smile: Just drop by to tell you I defended my ultimate project yesternight and succeeded in finishing the Product Manager curriculum started Dec 2020. With a evaluator who was so elated, he looked like fireworks with all the sparkles in his eyes. I nailed it with my “rock n roll style PM”.
I also got the “Start” from my editor, for my tetralogy (so a saga of 4 novels in a row) on the topic of FIRE in every possible state, delayed since october 2020 (COVID, what else?). It’s a western-fantasy-thriller completely atypical. Don’t worry, I’m not CTA you like a desperate awkward author :wink: Just FYI
I’m sure I’ll find a right time later to Glide again and learn with my prototype.
Meanwhile, Happy Tiger Year for those concerned.
I’m taking my Lion’s Share to become a Dragon in every field where I can really make a Difference.
Love you, Community. You made my learning year exceptional in less than 2 months’ time. Awesome. :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart: