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I just built a mini zine with weekly posts of cool stuff to share with others. I wanted to explore other methods than traditional blogs, newsletters, or social media. Something that helps readers pause for a few minutes a week and consume/share in a new format. Would love any thoughts/feedback!


Very well designed app

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Clean, simple, interesting! Very good flow! I read everything, just to see the Watch, Read, Play… section!
Good work!

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Thanks for checking it out! Anything you’d tweak?

Nice. I’m not familiar with Zine so perhaps that make me take a little longer to understand the core concept… which if I do understand it… it’s simply a place to post a main idea of a post and tag on the extras of what you’re reading/playing/working on etc. Yes?

One suggestion that’s super easy to make… change default width to small. Or at least medium. I think that will look better with the layout you have when viewing on desktop. Settings > Appearance > Default Width. You can also adjust that locally using containers, but I think app wide would be favorable here.

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I would think in the next level. User creators
Having an area for user submissions for content, having a admin area to aprove (or not) the content.

However as soon as this new level adds up… there will be a considerable higher interaction, updates, users, etc… that somehow have to be considerated in future plan.

A Zine is short for ‘magazine’, so it’s like short-form content. In print, they’re usually small … can even be folded into an 8-page version from a single sheet of paper. This is an example that inspired me years ago. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/maxtemkin/maxistentialism-zine

Thanks for the awesome suggestion! I’ve known about that default width setting, but didn’t think about it for this. Great call, I just updated to Medium!