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My team packages up the most insightful articles, podcasts, and videos on the topics of today so you quickly learn something beyond the obvious. ‘Packs’ are released weekly, exploring emerging shifts in the world, giving our users an enriching alternate to mindless scrolling. We put out a pack this past Wednesday on the Jordan Peele’s reinvention of the horror genre \m/. Join our mailing list. Open the app.

I’ve been working on the project for the past couple years, learning so much from the discussions around this community. If there are any questions I can answer, I’m happy to share my experiences : )


Did you know you can put all these styles into one single Rich Text component?)

Cool app. I just spent the past 5 minutes catching up on Jackass. I can’t believe it’s about 25 years since I used to watch it. My mom used to think her son was crazy for enjoying the stupid pranks so much. Anyway, very nice app.

Such an impressive app. Well-designed, congrats!

Thank you – I appreciate the tip as well. I don’t have the most proficient CS skills so I’ve kept Rich Text components separate so I can keep track of what’s what :sweat_smile: . But it’s time to consolidate !

Awesome yo, I’m so glad you were able to explore ! They’re just such a fun, positive group of people. The pranks speak to such a primal sense of humor … i love it.

@ThinhDinh Thank you ! so many aspects were sourced from the solutions you have put forth in this community – I owe you many times over :pray: :pray: :pray:


We’re putting together a more centralized community resource. Watch this space :wink:


You can comment CSS code anywhere using /* ... */
For example:

/*This is for this*/

.foo {
  bar: bar;

Cheers, thanks for the tip @11183

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love it!