Project Showcase - Beta Bakery

Hi Gliders,

Here showcasing a community app called Beta Bakery. Helping young entrepreneurs to validate their half-baked ideas.

No idea comes out fully baked, it usually takes a number of willing and forward thinking users to get the feedback necessary to reiterate. And thats a struggle in itself, getting unbiased feedback on the first version of the idea.

  • Helping people get initial feedback on their ideas
  • Get your initial group of potential users
  • AI-driven insights (coming soon)

Would love for anyone to check it out and be sure let me know what you think directly on the app.

If you know of anyone who is just starting out or even has a cool idea, please give this a share!


I like your tags. What component did you use? Rich text?

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Looks like rich text with separate spans.

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yeah rich text. Used a javascript function to convert the tailwind to html

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