Zapier Trigger on User Info Change

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to trigger a zap once a user’s profile is updated?

For example, I would like an email to be sent to a user when their profile email is updated (and not require clicking a button to initiate this trigger)?

Is this possible?

Any help is appreciated,

In glide you will need to trigger somehow via the zapier action

You could add a button which could look something like ‘confirm changes’ which could do a sequence of actions:

‘Show notification’
‘Play sound’
‘Trigger zap’
‘Go back’
Etc etc, you get creative…

Alternatively if you using a google sheet (as opposed to a glide table) I believe you can use zapier to watch for changes on the google sheet and then trigger the email


Just a caution, updating the user’s email may result in problems with a user profiles setup. I have never tried it but I thought it may cause problems with all settings related to user profiles data.

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Amazing! Thank you! :raised_hands:

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Yes, that’s a good point as well! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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