Zapier and friends - security concern, or not?

Hi all,
I’ve been wondering about this issue for quite some time. On the one hand, App Script offer incredible features and limitless customization. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that Zapier, Integromat (and others) are far easier to configure. However, these are 3rd party solutions, outside the Google Ecosystem, which means we have to share our data with yet another party. This is no biggy for non-sensitive apps, but when it comes to corporate data and client privacy, it starts to be a dilemma. Yes, it’s encrypted and yes, it’s (supposed to be) safe. Any safeguards we take, we’re still placing our information with another ecosystem.
Am I being too paranoid? These aren’t national security secrets we’re talking about, but these corporate clients would not be very happy if there data is somehow breached.

Also, as I don’t have experience with these services, I don’t really know how easy they are to manage once up and running. App Script is, generally speaking, rather straightforward and simple to support. Same issue, opposite side, I’ve read here that the “On Change” trigger can sometimes underperform. Is it indeed a trigger prone to failures? I don’t recall having such issues when using the “On Form Submit”, during my pre-Glide days. It triggered all the time (or so I think).

Last, but by far not least, I’m not sure these services will allow the total and complete customization we have when coding with App Script. I assume they do offer this, but would be happy to hear from you if you’ve faced some dramatic limitations here.


Yes, I think so.
I’ve never used Zapier, but I use Integromat extensively. Have you looked at their Privacy Policy?

I also use a lot of apps script, but for me it’s horses for courses and trying to pick the tool that will get the job done efficiently and effectively, whilst minimising the amount of effort required. Pretty much everything I do with Integromat I could also do with apps script, but why spend a couple of hours writing code when you can get the same result in 5 minutes and a handful of clicks?

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I totally agree with this. Most of the things I automate now are in Integromat, and they have allowed me to do some crazy things with their flexibility. I love their HTTP module and data manipulation methods right inside the modules.

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Thanks for these feedbacks! :slight_smile:

Could you please explain further as I have zero experience with these services?

I’d also appreciate your valued input regarding your experience with managing Integromat automations (solving errors, etc) and how reliable are they (unanswered webhooks, etc).


As a Zapier client for more than 8 years, I find Integromat as your best answer in terms of flexibility, pricing, customization of your own modules.

We’ve been migrating most of our operations which exceed 1.3 Million operations monthly to Integromat and the reason is because of their power in module handling, the downside is the Team customization if you are working with a team you Will find it difficult to segregate the permissions in Integrromat however in Zapier you can manually share each zap or specific folder with certain people in your team if you are on the team package or company package.

For the privacy of the data, I think both are incredibly strong in terms of privacy and the most important part is if Google or zero or any of the giant companies felt any privacy issue for these certain applications they wouldn’t add them as a partner in their websites or allows if your apps to run so the only thing that they can access is the support when you ask them or give them permission to do so to be able to dig in the operation and troubleshoot an issue that you reported

In integromat, you can find an option that is called data is confidential where you can check it to disable storing data in the history of any operation and you can men use this type of things in finance or banking or credit cards processing .

If I were you I would go for Integromat and not for Zapier and the reason is because of the pricing modules and the most important part is the customization especially when it comes to web hooks that you will use a lot with Glide.


Do you have experience in debugging automations which have been marked as “Confidential data”? I’d still like to have the ability to conduct proper debugging… :slight_smile:

The simple answer is not fully, and that’s why you need to create an advanced way to avoid errors by using error handlers within integromat and also you can store data somewhere out of integromat such as google sheet if you need to have a reference, it’s only a matter of using operation count though.

So I suggest to run the module first as non confidential for sometime then switch it once you feel that its stable.


Just FYI we were recently audited by a particularly “security sensitive” customer. This included our use of Integromat. We passed, including the Integromat instance, with zero issues. The auditors commented that Integromat was highly respected in the field.


Regarding the HTTP module, I can do a lot of things with that, ranging from downloading a file to pass that file as an input for the next modules, or do a POST/GET/etc. request to an URL, and a lot of configuration options for those requests.

They have a whole bunch of modules for handling errors. You will get the error message, alongside options to add modules to do whatever you want when the main branch returns an error, it’s impressive.


That’s great to know. Thanks for sharing!

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