Zap and Webhook problem

I am creating a automation email system for a event app, I want my app to trigger a zap or a webhook for when the checkbox is true. true is payment made and false is not made.

this should send a confirmation email. But however, currently I use a free plan. the webhook or the zap has never been triggered. does the starter plan give this feature or am I wrong. Please help.

How are you “triggering” the checkbox though? Is there a button where you tick that, or do you have another flow?

I am currently using a checklist, I can add a button as well but once the button is clicked the button should become unclickable or hidden.

How did you link your checklist with the webhook before? I don’t think you can tie a check/uncheck action with an action chain in Glide?

With the button, you can show it only when the boolean column is not checked. The button would first send a webhook payload, then set the boolean column to true.

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