You could sell an app that is made in free mode in Glide

Hi, you could sell an app that is made in free mode in Glide, where the app has the future buyer’s email configured, and only with their email they can enter as “Admin” user, but the others enter as normal clients, like this whether they enter an email or not.

Do you mean you have a template and want to allow your customer(s) to preview it as an admin user?

I don’t have the app as a template.

Yes, you can but what you will be selling actually is your time and skill to build that App.
In terms of making them admin of the App then you would simply create a column (Boolean) in your user profile sheet with label “Admin” and mark that Boolean true in the row where the email address you want as admin exists.

Alternatively you can create a team and invite or add this person to that team. After he has made the payment, then you can transfer the App to him/her.
This will mean though that he has access to the data editor of the App and can make changes to the App structure data or UI.

Both of the suggestions above will depend on whether you will continue to be the “Chief editor” of the App or if they will then take over from you after payment and maintain the App themselves.

I hope I understood your question correctly and if I didn’t, I apologize for wasting your time reading this essay while not addressing your question :hugs:


Thank you for answering, yes, that’s the idea, give the client full control and from then on if you modify it, it is at your risk.

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