XANO integration

Is it possible to have an integration with Xano and maybe an approach like below, to be able to scale Glide Apps even more.

As Xano is not llimited by the number of rows as Airtable or GSheets are , it would be great to have an integration with the tables that are there.

Also, I could see something like this working, if it would be possible … even if it would be for the enterprise version:

  • based on each user interrogation, Glide would download from xano to the user’s table stored locally the data that was interrogated and this way, each user would have the data needed and in this way, we only link the tables and the structure, but the outcome could be different for each user, so this way, we could scale and grow beyond the 100.000 rows by syncing only the data that is needed by each user.

Hi @Ovi thinking along the same lines does this post show that is available? Glide • 7 Essential Tools for Your No-Code Stack