Wrong date format


date in date column is in american format but our app needs european format.

12.1.2022 (today´s import) but it should be 1.12.2022

Is there any way to change the format from YYYYMMDD to DDMMYYYY in date column?

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The displayed date format should respect the users device/browser regional settings.
If you’re seeing US date format in the builder, that most likely means that your browser is configured to use US date format.

The only way to force a date format is to convert the date to a string. The Format Date column will do this, although personally I don’t normally recommend using it as I’ve seen it give inconsistent results.

The other way would be to break the date into its component parts using math columns, and then piece it back together using a template (this is my preferred method).


You can use the format date column if it’s for display purposes only:


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