Write & Scan Bar-code

Hello gliders!
Let me ask you a three magic new-year puzzle i met.
My head is broken attempting to solve this)

  1. Back reading of Bar-code does not work(
    I use “Barcode” as Column type for the Column “A”, based on my RowID (It is special text column type). I see there is a bar-code picture here in A in the data editor. Okay.
    Then i put this Barcode on my screen as an Image, and read this Bar-code Image directly from a screen by Barcode Scan Button - writing the result to the Text Column “B”. So we expect “B” should be the same = “A”, but it is not true (((
    B is
  1. How to take and send the Barcode Image from Barcode Type Column?
    The Barcode Column Type is emulating and looks like an Image, but in reality this is a text (maybe JSON?).
    Then i need to send my user this Barcode as an Image, but it is not image - It is a text. When i trying to send my Barcode by email or by Sharing option - it sends the text, not an image. How can i send to user the Image of Barcode?

  2. QR vs Bar
    In general i need the QR-code, not Bar-codes for my feature.
    But there is only Bar-code Glide native reader\scanner for one-click reading\scan it.
    I sow there is a similar subject here at this Community Forum, but it is
    hard to understand (doesn’t works in my copied App),
    and seems there are not one-click scanner of QR-codes.
    Is there somebody who can prompt how we could scan QR-code in one click?

Have happy New Year!

Hi Aleksei,

@ShantanuIyengar released this QR code scanner showcase 11h after your post :slight_smile:
Maybe mind-reading.
Hope it helps.

Hi Gregory, Thank you for your response. Am going there)