Would be great to customize search placeholders and everywhere else (like Screen Titles) with user's name

I personnalise my UI with user’s First Name wherever I can. Would be friendly and engaging to do so as well

  1. in search placeholders, like “Looking for sth, Tom?”. “Find your word here, Tom”, etc.
  2. in private notes “Enter your private note here, Tom. Only you can see and edit it”.
    and anywhere else where there’s no access to user profile yet.
    It really changes UX
    Thks :cherry_blossom:

You can achieve this fairly easily by creating appropriate template columns in your User Profiles table.

For example:

Because these templates would be in your User Profiles table, you could use them anywhere in your app.

I do use templates in user profile, but my search placeholders don’t show the usual drop-downs to reach them. Only plain text.

ah, okay.
Yes, I get what you mean.

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