Search bar placeholder text

Allow customised placeholder text in search bar. Currently shows ‘search’ could show ‘search for xxxxxx’ this can often be useful to users letting them know or giving them an example of what they can search for.



Absolutely a thumbs up on this suggestion! The search feature in Glide is tremendous and reaches all corners of every record, making it so powerful for app users. While the idea may be simple, it would be very impactful.

Use case for us is we have a Parks section in our Maricopa Healthy app that includes 692 records and when displayed in either map or even list view is a little overwhelming. But, if we could replace Search with Enter a city or zip code both views become much more powerful (and userful) for the end user.

Hey @david and @Mark, I won’t pretend to know what would be involved to make the Search placeholder text editable, but couldn’t this be a quick win for everyone—devs and users alike? Thx

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Yeah i think it would be very helpful to users, thanks for supporting

Bumping this one!

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Agreed! his would be super useful!

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This is now available :slight_smile:

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Just saw it shortly after I replied ha! cheers @Rosewebstudio

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Oh! Where can I find it? How do I do this?

Oh… never mind! I thought this thread was addressing another issue. Thanks!

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:grimacing: Nope… This doesn’t work for the inline list component…