Removal of search field placeholder text

Does anybody know the rationale behind removing the placeholder text from the search field option panel in the new Apps? Thx

@NoCodeAndy This is more of a suggestion, so I’m tagging you here in case you want to share it with the design team.

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Thanks for tagging Andy here, @ThinhDinh. I was posing this to the greater community in case anyone knew the reason behind the decision.

I’m not sure if this was intentional by Glide — removing this particular Search field option — or if maybe it was an oversight during the migration from Classic Apps to Pages and finally to Apps?

@NoCodeAndy While Glide’s native in-app filter is super powerful, there is still obviously times when good 'ole search is best. Having the ability to prompt users with suggestions on “how” to search most effectively based on the backend data would be super helpful. It would be great to see the search field placeholder option come back online again. :pray: Thx!