Would anyone know an easier way to present released achievements?

Hi all! I’m creating a system of unlockable achievements, the problem is that for one, it requires a different way of unlocking, so I’m doing it the way of the photos… would anyone know a simpler way to unite in a single column? Appreciate.

you have to rephrase your question… we do not know your app or goals… the way you ask is like we created your app

ok, thanks for the guidance.

I have some images inside the glide that I want to appear to my clients (students) only after they’ve done something proposed.

for example: after someone completes a task, an achievement will appear stating that they have unlocked it. Apps perform 10 tasks, another achievement will appear showing another achievement. when they send messages, another one will also appear… something similar to what we have here on the forum.

still, the question is unclear… so i’m going to give a shot in the dark… :wink:
from what I see, you are getting lost in creating relations…
there is a much easier way to make checkmarks if someone completed a task…
create a USC (user-specific column) for each task and when the user completes it, set column action to write timestamp or user email in that column,
That’s all… now you know who and when completed which task… and next task visibility will be if that USC is not empty

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Hola @Anderson_Baumgartner

Take a look at these

That will guide you well to achieve what you want.

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Thanks for the help, I’m taking your advice and adding a few more details that are working fine.

Thanks Santiago, I started with them and got to the point where I couldn’t go forward with the tips given in the video, but it helped a lot.

I’m using the USC, Template and if columns to get what I want.