Workflow for User to Sign Up for Class, Un-sign Up, and Still Count Those Signed Up?


Making an app for a gym with classes where I want someone to be able to sign up, remove themselves if they decide they cant attend but also want to be able to count how many people are signed up.

The checkbox/boolean is easiest for attending/not attending but that alone wouldnt let me count how many people signed up (which would trigger when to close the class to new sign ups).

I was originally doing a +1 on the form when they sign up and a -1 when they remove themselves but this created issues with visibility of form-buttons if they decided they wanted to re-sign up for the classes.

Any easier work flow ideas?

If the App is public with Email,you can check your app logins from your sheet.
It can help you track the daily logins.

for users who signed up use a form asking for the users name or email

If they wanted to withdraw from the class, how would i get their name off the list?

You can add a switch button in the profile so they can they can turn it off if they dont want to participate

Hmm…would the switch need to be user specific? If so, then I can’t get a total of people signed up for that class.

yes it has to be

you can use an inline list referring to the participants sheet
then if you want to remove users delete thier row

Also if you add the switch they can control it by themselves

but we want to delete the row not mark it out

what if they user are not in serial order

actually they do not have to be all you have to do is select the user you want and delete his row

Ideally I would want them to remove themselves from the class and still count how many are remaining. I understand that me manually deleting the row would solve most of the steps of the solution i am seeking. Perhaps just another form where their request to be removed goes to another Sheet where i can see the entry and take action.

Thanks all!

okay then you create a form going to the sheet of the users removed and collect thier email using a special value

Can you explain more about what “special value” means? Thanks!

go to your form then you will see a section called special values
unique id ,current date and email of current user
qith the email special value you can get the mail of the person filling the form
without asking for it
note your app has to be public with email

what if the user wants to rejoin ?

he fills the form again

Hi Kevyn,

To sum it up, I would do things like this:

  • Have a form writing the user’s email and the class’ name/ID to your registration sheet.

  • Count the number of unique emails via rollup over the relation matching the class name/ID with themselves.

  • Add a boolean column to let user un-sign up as you wish, in the class screen filter the list of users by boolean column is not True (True = they have un-sign up).

  • If they want to join again, they just need to turn off that boolean column via a switch.

  • If you want to count how many users have un-sign up, you can make a template column joining the class’ name/ID and “False”, make a relation matching that with itself, then use a rollup to count the number of values that match the template column.