Cancelling registration for an Event

I have a use case where user can view the events and click “register” button to register for the event. This registration is a simple add row of all the event’s details and user email address.
I want to show a button to allow cancellation of attendance when it is pressed.
How can I remove this added row when cancel is pressed? Or what would be the best practice to achieve this?

Thank you.

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I’m not sure if this would be considered best practice, but here is what I normally do in cases like this:

  1. Add a number column named something like “Delete Flag”
  2. Then add a button with an action to increment that column
  3. Then use visibility conditions to hide any rows where the delete flag is not empty

If you actually want to remove the row completely (which I often do), I usually do this in the backend with a trigger script.

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The cleanest solution would be what Darren said, your button would trigger a script, let’s say it increments a “Delete” column in the sheet, then the row will actually be deleted.

Otherwise you can use relation > set columns to empty I guess.