Word Clouds - do you have a demo?

Does anyone have an App that demos how to generate a word cloud on the fly?

Thanks in advance,

I don’t have a demo, but this is quite easy to do using the quickchart.io Word Cloud API


That’s great thanks. I did read on one post that there is a limit for the number of words that can be submitted via the URL. Have you encountered that? My source will be hundreds of words long.

I guess I should just try it!

By the way, once you have link as you nicely describe above, what do you do with it? Do you use a button that submits the URL request and then this opens a website page external to the glide App?

I was hoping to get an image back with a URL that I could show within my App… thoughts?

That’s my 3rd dot point above…

I think the limit is constrained by the maximum number of characters allowed in a URI string, which I believe varies from browser to browser. I’ve used it with over 1000 words without any problem.

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Thank you… your explanation works perfectly!

But it only works in Glide for ‘some words’. Glide image doesn’t seem to work with a long list of words… although the same query works fine via PC browser. The limit is going to be a challenge.