Is it possible to append a text list to the first 1000 characters?

I have a template column that generates a URL plus a joined list of paragraph entries. Sometimes the list gets long. I would like to limit the list, eg to 1000 characters. The URL generates a word cloud but doesn’t work when the string is too long.

I know this is straightforward in Google Sheets, but does anyone have a hack for doing it in a Glide App?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think this is doable for now. Until we have a LEFT function then there’s no way we can identify the first 1000 characters of a string, or the 1000th character of a string to split it.

I’m surprised that you’re having this problem. I use the Word Cloud API in one of my apps, and I limit mine to 1000 words (not characters), so I’m probably sending strings of 5000-8000 characters. And I’ve never had a problem with it.

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Hi Darren,

Thanks for responding. I’m using this template to generate the URL:

Do you use something different? I read on their website about sending something called curls for longer lists, but I have no experience of those.

from: Word Cloud API

" Churchill’s speech

Now, let’s say we want to do a tag cloud of Churchill’s famous “we shall fight on the beaches” Dunkirk speech. This is a long speech that is too big to fit in a URL, so we will instead use a POST request to send the data.

Because I’m doing this on the command line, I’ll first create a file churchill.json with the following JSON contents:

{  "format": "png",  "width": 1000,  "height": 1000,  "fontFamily": "sans-serif",  "fontScale": 15,  "scale": "linear",  "text": "<churchill's full speech...>"}

Then POST it to the API endpoint using curl :

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d @churchill.json -o churchill.png"