Character limit for Image in List

I notice we can assign text columns to the Image field in a list. Is there a character limit there? I have one column that has a maximum three characters and would like to list the number values in the Image but it looks to only use the first character. Is there something I can do to expand this 3 characters? Just curious.

It’s just the first character of the first 2 words in the title. So a person’s name would show the first letter of the first name and the first letter of the last name…or first letter of the middle initial…in the order that they appear in the title. It doesn’t work quite how you think it does. It’s just placeholder text if there is no image url. If you wanted to see specific characters, I would recommend creating an image of the characters you want to see.

Exactly. Cloudinary can do this :wink:

Text overlay:

Pretty sure you can create a generic square color, then control the color of the square and and do a text overlay all from columns of values in your sheet.

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