Wiz'z spin on uber eats - xuber eats - the clone

Tx Swellart,

Right, use an inline list of all addresses on a details screen and then choose map view.

So simple😀 Thank you Wiz.Wazeer!

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Garrison I’m looking to apply the recommendation you made. Which section do you have on mind? Because I have four search categories by pickup only, delivery only, ethnic cuisine, and the category you suggested. Are you suggesting that I apply this to all categories?

On a side note, you want Uber eats to Sue me don’t you :crazy_face:.

@Wiz.Wazeer: I mean on the ‘product’ cards in the Xuber Eats main tab, i.e. Prawn Bhuna, Onion Bhaji etc. I think the category, i.e. Appetizer, Main etc would look better as TAGS, because when you have long product names they get cut off as tags, e.g. Prawn Bhuna On Puri

Don’t worry about Uber Eats suing you; I might sue you for making me submit my personal data without actively seeking my consent :wink:

:joy: :rofl: :rofl: Okay, got it!

I’d love to know how you did this, would you be willing to share or sell your template?

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I’ll have to admit that that I was camping last weekend when this convo started and I was most likely grilling hamburgers at the time.


:rofl::joy::blush: glad you took a break !!! You deserve it. Beautiful location !

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Thank you. Hoping to do a lot more of it this summer, since most activities have been cancelled.


Good afternoon, I’m a beginner, I bought the xuber eats template and I need to start over and I don’t know how to do it, can you help me, thanks

You should be able to download it again if you want to start over.

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I appreciate your prompt response, I don’t know where to download it again

I assume you just go back to the template store where you bought it and download it again. Since you already purchased it, you shouldn’t have to purchase it again.

I do that but it takes me to the payment page

I’ve never purchased a template so I can’t say for sure. Maybe somebody else can chime in, but it’s my assumption that you won’t be charged again.

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Thanks a lot!
What is the difference with the PRO?

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I’ll have to defer to @Wiz.Wazeer for that answer.

I’m assuming it has some more advanced features. You might be able to compare the two and see what’s different in the template preview.


When I bought the template I did not know about the existence of the PRO, thank you for your attention :blush:

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager! &, @i_Digital for purchasing xubereats . As you have already purchased it you can make as many copies as you like. Please contact support team if you are being asked to pay again. It’s most probably a glitch or something. If you need help with setting it up, feel free to contact me (webwizwazeer@gmai.com). The PRO is a more advanced version with countdown timer, distance between restaurant and customer, etc, You can check out the details here…


Hi Wiz, your work sound great! I’m having trouble opening the xubereats link? Would love to have a look.