Within Today() aren't working

Today() function aren’t working…

Can you provide more detail and some screenshots with examples? What’s not working?


It was working for me before today…

What is your local date and time right now, or more importantly, what is the current date and time on your computer? As of this post, it’s 4:30pm on March 27th for me, but it looks like we are in different parts of the world, so it would help to know what your local date and time is. Which result are you expecting from your IF column? For me, I would expect zero, but I don’t know which result you are expecting. Certain comparisons include time. Is there a time associated with your date column? You should be able to double click on one of the dates to see the underlying unformatted date value.

I’m in England.
Expected Value is 0 as its not 28/03/2022. if date is with in today than it should be “2”
but as you can see in the screen shot its showing 2 which is wrong.

My logic has been working for month but only today its not working after the clocks has gone 1 hour ahead.

I have tested on other sheet but still not working.

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it’s a little after 11pm on Mar. 27th where you are…and that your computer reflects the same date and time. I’m also still wondering what the underlying value is in your date column.

I can’t reproduce the issue. If you add a math column, put ‘X’ for a formula, and replace ‘X’ with Now, what do you get for a current date and time in that math column?

Also, what happens when you try from different devices?

It does show Today’s date when a test with a math column, put ‘X’ for a formula, and replace ‘X’ with Now
it show today device today and time.
but it’s not comparing date column within today function .

I am in Spain and it gives me the result 0
it is 0:45 on 03/28/2022


23:51 in England I’m waiting to see what will happen with date will be 28th of March

Date format is DD/MM/YYYY

but your format is MM/DD/YYYY

If you manual change the format of a row than it compare correctly. I just tried.

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