Wine & Glide Fall 2021 (Glide Research Show-and-tell)


Those are some fantastic concepts that your team is work on. Thanks for sharing.

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Three takeaways:

  1. @Jeff_Hager will love relation “calculations”

  2. Amir’s AI app creation from text is mind-blowing :exploding_head:

  3. Watching @Mark silently ponder / participate in everything @david had to say throughout the entire video was entertaining :rofl:


Wow that “type a sentence and generate an example of an app” is incredible for people that are new to Glide! Great work team!


The complex IF statements too!


Oh for sure! When @david mentioned tracing my finger along the computer monitor I paused the video and did it—it works!


IF logic is fluid to me, but I can understand how it can be confusing to others. It’s like the PEMDAS of code logic. Placement of Parenthesis, AND’s and OR’s can make all the difference for your end result. If I can offer my two cents for Glide if this comes to fruition…maybe there could be some kind of color coding where all AND statements are grouped together, and once an OR is introduced, then it begins a new color group…or something like that. Ideally, there would also be some way to emulate parenthesis if you have something more complex like this:

IF (A=D and
((B=E and C=F) or (U=X and V=Y))) or
THEN true
ELSE false


Blockly does this decently well…


I hate it when somebody touches my computer screen. :stuck_out_tongue:
So, no, David, this isn’t going to work for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, the exercise of making understanding conditions easier is really, really appreciated. Thank you so much!

And, Amir - it’s a mindblowing idea that you’re working on, and it was nice to see the execution of it as well.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

So…if @david is the CEO… @Mark is…??

CTO I believe


Thanks for sharing.

It’s fantastic seeng these insights.

I’m always inspired with your creativity and the passion in what you do to make the ‘complex’ ‘simple’

Interesting with GTP3, have read about it and tried a few tools that use GTP3. It’s pretty powerful stuff and has a lot more potential. Really insightful the way you are using it…

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with you, I need a rest…(only joking, keep it coming!)

Great work :+1:

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I’m extremely amazed by how things are becoming more and more interesting. Keep up the great job !


I was so amazed at what we can do watching the video above a few months ago. Watching natural language being translated to code is just pure magic.

Watching Glide making big step after big step is truly inspirational. Thanks for all the great work!


surely would be great to work on Pages with all this feature, and probably the app will become obsolete… but it’s an easy prevision, I may be wrong.
good stuff there!

the whole humanity have already reached a bottom of his own ability, looks like in those days, with those kind of tool we reach the level of monkey in a short time! One day we won’t be able to open the door of our garage and we do not understand the reason to have a garage!

But anyway, ya it’s pretty interesting how they did it.

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The level of skill and creativity that’s evident in the Glide engineering team is truly inspiring.


There is some deeply cool stuff here. Skill is to balance innovation and monetization. Good luck Team Glide.

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Personally I got fidgety when watching the complex If video segment. On the other hand, Jeff’s proposal makes total sense… His layout of when to drop a line and when to use brackets is completely intuitive… just saying.