🧠 Test our new AI App Generator!

Hello Gliders!

As part of our research efforts at Glide we’ve been building an AI app generator. You give it a plain-english description of your app in a couple of sentences, and it generates a relevant schema, the data, and an app.

We’re currently beta testing it before we publicly launch and we’d love for you to play with it. Please check it out here:

Just a heads up, this is still in beta, so it will break. Please also let us know when it does so we can improve it!


I just end up in normal staging?



Ah works now!

looks like my dog will continue to be alone :frowning:
Glide 🔊 2021-11-24 at 1.23.36 PM

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shuffle design isn’t working for me

Shuffle Design did work for me, but it took a couple of tries before the design changed.

Impressive :slightly_smiling_face: For the Design Shuffle, it would be helpful to shuffle between different sizing for the card list. It seems when I shuffle I only get a shuffle for the main listing and it only shuffles between the list and card list (not tiles or the different options for card/tile layouts).

Wow! That’s really impressive!

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I was about to try the same and thought I hoped nobody saw me type this! I’m happy I’m not alone. :joy:

I tried the following:

  • “I want to build an app that helps me manage my cooking recipes”: impressive it worked!
  • “I want to build an app that helps tennis players in France find tournaments in their region”: it didn’t work. Maybe too specific?

It works!!!

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Come on! :grin:there are some punchlines you should include basically…

For the moment more than AI is DB
Waiting for progress :+1:

I’m envious of some icons I’ve never seen or have access too (Free vs Pro Plan). :grin:
I tested > 10 times, the icons were never accurate, even for basic obvious ideas like users, lists, etc: I get very esoteric icons instead. Funny, weird, but useless as icons.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::thinking:
Still very impressed by the 1st results of the AI. Very promising. Works once when I asked for a list of quotes.:open_mouth:

Texts are often way too big so ruin the layout.🤦


When I click the link it doesn’t work?

This was almost a year ago. Seems like that project was not continued.

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I’ts not working now. Any reason?

Hello, it’s working now?

Seems like that project was not continued.