GPT Glide App Creator Assistant: Streamline Your App Development

Hello Glide Community!

I’m excited to introduce a new tool that’s been designed to help us streamline the app development process: the Glide App Builder Assistant. This AI-powered assistant specializes in understanding our app development needs and guiding us through creating the necessary data structures for our projects.

What is the Glide App Builder Assistant? The Glide App Builder Assistant is a custom version of ChatGPT optimized for app development tasks. It offers innovative app ideas, helps create precise table structures, and generates corresponding CSV files for manual import into Glide.

How can it help?

  • Idea Generation: It can offer innovative and technologically advanced app ideas to inspire you.
  • Data Modeling: It designs comprehensive table structures tailored to your app’s requirements.
  • CSV Generation: It generates CSV files with sample data for easy import into Glide.
  • Instructional Guidance: Provides detailed instructions for setting up relational, computed, and templated columns in Glide.

Example of Assistance: Imagine you’re building an app for managing digital marketing clients and project management. The Glide App Builder Assistant can help by defining a set of tables like Clients, Projects, Tasks, and Users, and then generating CSV files for each table with test data.

Why Share This Here? The Glide Community is all about innovation and collaboration. By sharing the Glide App Builder Assistant here, I hope to encourage community members to leverage this tool to enhance their app-building experience.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts and experiences on using this AI assistant. If you have any questions or need further examples, feel free to ask!

Give it a try: ChatGPT - Glide App Builder Assistant


This is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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This is cool… thanks for sharing it.

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Cool, but… GIVE ME GPT PLUS NOW!!!