Will Glide Tables replace Google Sheets?

Hey all, long time. With the intro of Glide tables, is Glide planning to discontinue google sheets as a data source?


I doubt they would discontinue Google sheets as a data source. At least not for a very long time. Too many people are dependent on google sheets and glide tables don’t have all the functionality of Google sheets.
Glide tables just give us a second data source to choose from. I could see the opposite, and Glide adding even more additional data sources someday.


It’d be nice to see Airtable as a source.


No, we are not planning to discontinue Google Sheet support.


But still 25000 rows is a top limit for acceptable performance when using google sheets. Right?

The problem in performance is not only rows but also number of columns, relations, using of Importrange etc

I have 2 apps with the same sheet source with aprox 20k rows. One app just pulling basic info. 2nd one with relations, roll ups, lookups etc
Difference in behavior is huge

Jeff and David already answered, I’ll add my two cents.

David shared an approximate graphic that tells a good story: there are more spreadsheet programmers than any other language. Based on Glide’s mission statement, it makes sense that spreadsheets and Google Sheet in particular remain a data source for a long while.


I get your point about performance. But if I design pages in such a way that use minimum relations / computations, does it still impact the performance in a -ve way?

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In my experience yes. The less operations, the better performance. Mainly when a lot of rows are involved