Wider column edit UX in data editor

I have long column names and I cannot see them:

  • I do not know which column I am using
  • to find out I have to navigate to the column I have picked through either user profile data or the table data… and this can be very confusing

And easy fix would be to give more space in the UX to see more.


Agreed. This was already a problem, but it’s much worse now that we have column grouping to play with.


Absolutely - and the good way of showing where the column values come from (form ‘user’, etc) takes up yet more space

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I don’t mind the “path”, however at least if not widen the column, add the ability to hover over the icon or section and have it display a pop-up bubble of what columns are being referenced. My first choice would be to widen said columns, but I’m all outta votes.

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