Why is a Users table created when selecting Excel as a data source?

Creating a new project and selecting Excel as a data source works fine.
However, I’m not clear why a Users Glide table is created by default, even if there is a table called Users in the Excel file.

The reason I ask is related to issues I have had with adding/editing/deleting data from an Excel table that is selected as the source for the user profile.

I can A/E/D data from other tables with no problems.
There are some crazy things happening when interacting with data in an Excel table called “Users”.

We did this to make it easier to create an app with Users already configured. In general, we don’t like to make significant changes to external sources like an Excel file automatically, and we did not attempt to detect an existing Users table.

FYI I have had a ton of issues with data in an Excel table called Users.

Deleting or unlinking that table/creating a new table for users called something else seems to have solved all such problems.

I can’t tell you how that makes any sense but it was the last thing that came to mind before switching away from Glide (we have to use Excel in O365 as a data source). Glad it worked.

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