Why i seeing this

Help please , why do i keep seeing this saying “retry”, I cant access my account recently, any idea

This happens every so often—usually when your app is scheduled to auto refresh but you lost internet connection at that time.

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Thank you, this used to happen occasionally before, but over the last 2 weeks, i cant even open my account and my internet is ok and my Apps still working on my phone,

If you still cannot access your dashboard or a specific app, I can suggest:

  • Try another internet connection, just for testing purposes. Either another wifi connection or a data plan.
  • Try incognito mode (a hidden/incognito tab) in your browser.
  • Try a different browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, …

You can also check the status of the platform. I don’t know if this page is specific to one’s location. In my location (Germany, EU), no apparent issues recently.

When all else fails, contact Glide support.

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Well it has worked, i just changed my Wi-Fi connection totally,I’m a bit confused why, because it worked on wifi with lesser strength, anyway thank you very much