Why do images that were working, suddenly stop with no changes from me

I have images within an app which have suddenly stopped working with no change from me.
It used to be that you could drag and drop the images into the app…that was obviously the best option.
Now, some of the images have been shared from google, some from dropbox and some maybe from previously being dragged in…but whilst this link no longer works,


this one does


and so does this one

Do I have to go through and relink all of the images that suddenly stopped working after years of working?
PS This isn’t the first time that things that WERE working or links that were linking properly randomly changed and needed to be relinked…it is pretty frustrating.
Any idea?

This is what I get for the above URL:

Note the message: All access to this object has been disabled
That would be a security setting in the hosting AWS account.

This one works. It’s hosted in Glide storage, so that’s expected.

As a general rule, it’s recommended to host all media files in Glide storage. When you link to outside media, especially if you don’t control the hosting account, then you have no guarantee that the media will continue to be accessible.