"Who's viewed my profile feature"

Hi All,

We are a niche matchmaking app.

  1. We want to add a feature where users can see who’s viewed their profile or posts (text, image, video, pdfs). It would mean that when a user clicks on an item to view, the app will capture it in the backend.

  2. Is there a way for a user to see who (many) have “favourited” which of their posts.

Is there a way to implement these in Glide.

Thank you

You can’t keep track of views… However if a user clicks a button in the profile he’s looking at, you can store that information and create a list of who’s viewed my profile.

Got it.

Can the click action from “list” view be the trigger ?

Is there any update on this…

No, a click can’t be logged unless it is a form, check box, toggle, etc