I will be using whitelist for users to sign in/up and my app allows a a new user to input data and images, is there a way to that I can approve their data/input before it is live on the app?

Yes. Add conditional visibility. For example, add a column that when marked YES, that row becomes visible to everyone.

Maybe this tutorial for making conditional visibility by user is clearer:

Yes, as @eltintero mentioned, conditional visibility is a good solution. To automate this, @Shannon_Joseph, I tend to, using the filter, “filter if image and/or bio and link columns, etc., are not empty”. I notify users on sign up that in order to “activate their profile”, they need to fulfil specific profile fields.

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An example on how to set this up?

As per the image, within a tab under Properties > Features > Filter you can display profiles based on whether certain profile fields have been filled in. In this case, the “Avatar is not empty”. You can, of course, apply this to a multitude of fields per user row.

Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 11.52.39

To prompt users, you might want to think about creating a notification message that is only visible, using the Visibility feature, when specific profile fields are empty. It could be displayed, for example, either on the tab that users first log in to or on their respective user tab. Maybe something to the effect of this?

“To activate your profile, please add a profile picture within the My Account tab”, etc.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ping back if you have any additional questions. Happy to assist where possible.

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