White screen

the link is not working in browser and app

Do you have any visibility conditions on your tabs?

no, public and so my google sheet is public too

i want to teach app with Glide in Udemy at Turkish Language. But this is not working

I see some errors in the Console.

what should i do @Dilon_Perera

Does the app is viewing in the Editor?


In your Database a error is showing clear that and try @Ramazan_Guler .

I mean clear that yellow triangle and see

it hasn’t error.

My database link is this:

Console is clean now @Dilon_Perera

@Ramazan_Guler in that The Latest News tab visible it. Click that eye icon


Your screenshot shows that you have all tabs hidden from view. If the tab is not visible, then nothing is going to show.


Hmmm yeah Jeff is correct. So click that eye icon and that tab is visible and open it and see


Thank you for help to me. No problem now.


Your welcome @Ramazan_Guler :blush: :+1:

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Thank you very much @Jeff_Hager no problem now

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