Which Screen support 'This item' Data option

I want to create a custom delete confirmation.
Since delete is a Glide Option on the Edit Screen I figured I would disable that and add a button with a Show New Screen action and Data=‘This item’ and go from there.

The screenshot shows that there is no ‘This item’ option in the Data configuration of the action. I am guessing this is because it is coming from an Edit Screen.
I was hoping for something like this:

My investigations suggest that ‘This item’ is only available from a button on a Detail Or a New Screen.
Is that correct or have I missed something?

In which case, is my best bet is to do the delete from a Detail screen or another New Screen rather than the Edit Screen I’m using?

Thanks in advance for assistance.

PS I should explain why I am asking instead of just doing. The Delete Confirmation is complex and I have already lost it once (actually twice but hadn’t got so far the second time). Basically, I want to avoid making mistakes by following recommended practice.

You are correct. There is no “This item” in a form or edit screen


I think I know how I managed to ‘lose’ it:

  1. Create a Show New Screen action on a Button
  2. Change your mind and decide you need a custom action
  3. Create a custom action with a Show New Screen and voila (reset form)
  4. Try to get it back by reinstating the original - no joy

The rules are custom actions, although they have names, cannot be found by name or reused and if you change them they are lost
Custom forms are also lost if you change the action that navigates to them.
This is the desired functionality.

I’m a slow learner but have I got that about right?

So to help avoid that I could always use a custom action, in case the Show New Screen is not enough and I need to Set Columns or somesuch. Would that help protect me from having to redo the Screen?

I think this is a similar description:

Yes, many of us default to using custom actions, even if its for only one action, for this very reason. I I ever have a single action and need to switch to a custom action, I’ll usually duplicate the component first, so I have something to refer to when building out the new screens.

Also keep in mind that there is an undo function of you ever make a change and choose to undo it.


Thanks for the advice @Jeff_Hager . I fell for another trap here. For ages I could not seem to find the duplicate and copy right-click menu because I was clicking the Screen header rather than an item in the Component list. Thanks to your tip here and in the other thread I took a closer look. Ta muchly!
Compared with:

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