Where is the footer?

99% of websites have a footer (even Glide does on their website) these contain a bunch of links, text, copyright info, social media icons etc (see photo examples below of the one I’ve created and Glide) but on Glide Web App I cannot find such a feature!? Am I being stupid or is this feature simply not there unless I create a footer and then copy and paste it manually to each page forcing me to manually edit every page when a link updates etc or create a complicated spreadsheet just to create a common footer?



Whether in an App or Pages project, the ability to set a common footer section to each screen/page is not an available feature yet.

If you do build a section/container that has the look and feel of a footer, you would need to reproduce it on all of the pages of your project.

Thanks for confirming, this feels like a massive missing part of this otherwise wonderful app. I hope this is in the works.

Keep in mind that the ideal use case for Glide is an app for work, meaning it is an app, either web or mobile, meant to be used internally within a company. Unlimited visitors, a fair amount of public users (profiles), and a limited amount of private users (profiles limited to a group defined in a table or a domain name). A Glide project is therefore not your typical website. For now, repeatable sections/containers such as footers need to be recreated by hand.


Maybe Glide should change the wording then on their website?

As it clearly is pushing for people to create websites on this system. Sorry for sounding bitter but we’ve just signed up ($249 a month), spent a good couple of days working on it but there are some really annoying lack of features which we had assumed would be core.

If the issue is insurmountable, naturally I cannot guarantee the outcome, but Glide support is excellent at helping you with billing requests.

All Glide projects are what we call Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These are websites with a URL that have the look and feel of a native app and that share many functions (actions) one would expect in a native app (though not all, push notifications on iOS for instance).

Your Glide project, whether we call it a mobile app, web app, or website, is dynamic and the data displayed to your users can change based on their actions, which include creating, reading, updating, and deleting data. This is pretty magical. Unfortunately, you are right, some other features, such as a website footer, are not yet available.

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@LostJackal42 Thanks for flagging. You raise a good point, which I’ve circulated with the marketing team. We’ll address the messaging.

Would be great if you could please circulate with the dev team to create such a feature instead of marketing to remove the feature from the website. Thanks in advance.

This objectively sucks! The same way you have a button for Container the same way you can have one for a footer, not that much of a husttle and obiously the demand exists… why has been this neglected and wondering is the CEO aware? I see him quite engaging on the forum @david

One simple use case for a footer while considering its internal use is: a button to report an error to the admin.

Additionally that would be great place to host some of the most important company policies relevant to the purpose of the app.

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Hi Tom (+ @david ), don’t mean to make a big stink but something that has bothered me about the marketing (which I feel is false advertising *with no bad intentions) is the inclusion of feature displayed to market Glide for nearly a year which is not available. Currently it’s displayed on the homepage under the example of an app for “Field Operations” - the first example. It shows a table with 5 columns. This is not possible, no more than 3 have ever been allowed. There is no notice that “some features displayed are not available”, and the caption says “Jumpstart big ideas in seconds” - I have been waiting nearly a year for 5 column tables. Please consider this. Thank you.

Sorry, it is still planned but not yet ready for release. We know this is frustrating!

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I agree that this is a really surprising oversight, and is something that I would have expected to be implemented from the get-go.

I just started using Glide and I couldn’t find any option for the footer.

So naturally came here and found this topic.

Sad as this should be a simple feature to implement.

This is another thing that I faced an issue with.

The table shows only 3 columns at the moment.

A few more are definitely needed.

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@kush_sharma, I know. This is why we are pushing for a Universal Table that can be used for footers, headers and many other things.

Read the feature request post and help Upvote it.