Where do we eat/order from?

Not sure if anyone needs or wants this app, but it fills a void in our house …

The Question is… where do we eat/order from?
The answer is in this app.
Hungry people take turns eliminating choices from a list until just ONE remains.
Everybody gets a say so in where not to eat until one common place remains that everyone can agree on.


Love it!

This is awesome! What a great idea! Is this going to be available in the Template Store??? We would definitely use this in our house! haha

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This should be offered as a dating app I kid you not. Maybe even create a random option that randomly picks a restaurant.

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Hi @spencersRus - is this app going to be available for purchase or copy?

I’d love to see how you allowed multiple users to “play” together - super cool concept in and of itself! :sunglasses:

I’d like to build something similar in design but where someone anonymously selects something/somewhere for another anonymous user.

Example) What game to play

Anon User 1 selects “Card Game as the category, and then submits a “what game should I play?” request to the app.

Anon User 2 can see in-app that Anon User 1 is looking to play a game.

Anon User 2 can then select a game from within the “Card Games” category (chose by Anon User 1)

Then once a game is chosen by Anon User 2, Anon User 1’s screen will show the card game that was selected.

Thanks again for this super cool app! Clearly it’s sparked some ideas! :nerd_face:

@ehdubya – thanks for the positive feedback.

I have made it so that it is copyable.

(I tried to put it in the template store, but they told me it was too confusing!)

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Oh nice! Thanks for your reply!