Food Delivery & Pickup

Hi, please let me improve my App.
is still under construction but any feedback will be appreciated, i need test pilots :wink:

2 things:

  1. Giving me choices is already a thing, but to go beyond this, as a user i need a well-laid path of screens which leads me to a specific choices and help me from “find what i wanted” to “now what i have to do is just waiting for the delivery”. From start to end. — this could help the app to facilitate all choices on the first screen at the exact time I really need. Like, I have to see menus, appreciate the food details before I need a shopping cart, or even better, to sign-up for the service.

(By the way, you don’t have to think sooo thoroughly or you won’t be able to start the fixing, try either one of the important/simple/shortest route you could think of. At least a type of customer would already appreciate that)

  1. As a user I thought all the graphics (big black logo, shiny buttons, etc.) are too overwhelmed and it is hard to distinguish between what are signs (just to see and get to know the direction/information) or buttons (for users to take action) You can help me by distinguish them by color and size, and keep the consistency all through the purchasing process. OR the easier way is to step back a little bit and learn how each Glide component works and try to use all those well-designed standard components. You will be so benefited by trying them all out in different ways.

let’s start it from here. I think you would do lots of improvement by just doing these 2 things; Revise main user flows, and keep the UI in consistency and standard.

— —
I am also doing a work-in-progress project about delivery, but sorry this one is a prototype before the commission so I cannot show how the flow works. But to state that I also did what I suggested for your improvement, here are some screens just to give you some ideas how consistency really help users finding ways and things inside our apps, even you could not read my language at all.

have fun prototyping!