Where can we get some data from phone sensors?

Hi gliders!
For a fitness app, I need to get the data:

  1. user pulse
  2. blood pressure
  3. body temperature
  4. number of steps
  5. geolocation
  6. current air temperature from weather directories
    Can you please tell me where and how can we get such data into the Glide or the HS? For some API, you can get it from the phone’s sensors? Or in new experimental columns? Or where to look for information that will tell me the way? Is there anyone here who has already solved such a problem? Or where to look for…
    Thank you in advance
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Per Glide’s user data rules and restrictions, some data you have on there (user pulse, blood pressure, body temperature) are restricted. Please be careful collecting those and storing those in your database.

For your question, I don’t think Glide can somehow get the data from your phone. Geolocation can be inferred from the location component I assume, unless you want it to be live at all times, and current air temperature can be fetched from an API.

Checkout Jack’s example here:


thank you)

Glide cannot read sensors. You will need a native app for that.

Thank you Kingzy.
Could be it possible without native App by some API (to some service), or ZAP, or Webhook?

That doesnt work too, because only native app can access the phone’s functions. That’s why users are asked to grant permissions when they open a new app.

Okay, thank you for the explanation.

Is there an alternative for this? I see apps like Nudge can collect and aggregate clients bio data and send it to a coach (in Nudge’s case) for observation/review

Hey Dale!
Thank you very much,i understand how to mandge data by Glide.
My question was HOW TO GET IT)
Seems there is no way to do this by Glide)