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I have a small number of folks in an office who would like to get an app that will pick up their details (After they have registered on the App) including their body temperature using the fingerprint (I am hoping the Unique Identifier can do this). Is this something possible on glide and does anyone know a tablet that could do this job i.e. picking up the Body Temp or I would need a third party software dedicated to the temp through a finger print


Hi the Unique identifier special value. This special value adds a unique identifier on add, edit, or form screens. This will allow you to create relations based on unique identifiers that users cannot edit.

I’m not sure I understand you right but the unique identifier is just a unique string that can be used to built unique relations, it’s not meant to “pick up details including body temperature”, if that’s what you are after.

I’m not aware of any software that can do that on the fly. Hope someone else can chime in.

Thanks Guys

I’ve done something similar by integrating with an IOT device that does:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Body Temperature
  • Heartrate
  • Respiratory Rate

In short, the way it works:

  • Subject stands in front of the device and a scan is taken, including a photograph and thermal image
  • Data is transmitted from the device to the cloud
  • Facial recognition algorithm runs in the cloud
  • Results are posted to Integromat via a webhook
  • Integromat writes the results to a GSheet, decodes the images (Base64) and stores them in GDrive

All data is then made available via a Glide app. Individuals can view a history of their own results, and managers can view and run consolidated reports. I also implemented a “crowd sourcing” methodology for facial recognition tagging of users. Users are presented with “unidentified” scans and given the opportunity to tag them if they recognise the user. Tagging results are posted back to the cloud system via an API and used to improve the facial recognition model.


I was under the impression collecting biometric data was prohibited by Glide’s TOS User Data Rules and Restrictions • Glide

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Impressive! Thanks for sharing.