Can i get an apple watch to send data to a glide app?

I would like to know if i can get an apple watch to send data to a glide app?
Would i have to use an integration tool or is there a way to send the data directly to the app?

I don’t think there’s any way to integrate directly, so I’d say you’d need to use an integration tool.

Okay, so it definitely can link through an integration service? That should be okay. Just need a way to get the info into the apps data source then i can operate from there.

Well, I don’t know for certain. But if it has an API then it should be possible.

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Assuming you want to send health data, seems like connecting through Human API is one method for now, but that requires installation of an app on the user’s side.

I think the reason this is not available directly through an Apple API is that the data is highly sensitive and private, hence it can only be accessed through users’ devices.

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Okay great, will definitely research more about this, thanks for all the help.

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