Connecting GS\Glide with Google Fit and Apple Health

Hey gliders!
Does somebody connect your App with user data in (Google Fit) or\and (Apple Health) - by API or hooks? Will be such connections work? Where can i see and read how to do this?
Thank you in advance.


I’d be interested too if anyone finds out :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen this before but I can’t find it.

However, this might get you started.

Hola Santiago, gracios!
Thank you for the info. Does i understaтd it correctly for G.Fit we could work first with GS outside of Glide? But there is realistic way for G.Fit, sure.

And guys,
seems is there NO way to hook data from Apple Health?

Data of each user cannot be extracted using Google or Apple as for every email the user would need to authorize your app to access the data.
So, No!

Thank you Shantanu,
But if the User will authorize such access, would be this still no possible?

You could create a webpage using HTML and Gscript to make the user authorize access to Google Fit and Apple Health! And then get data from both depending on email id!
Yes in theory! Its possible!

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Okay. Thank you very much, Shantanu,
and have Happy new year)

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