Step Data as Input in Glide app

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I want to build an app that uses the user’s steps (and other similar data) as input to make further calculations.

Is there any way to pull such data from the user’s device?

Similar to this case: Step Counter

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I guess it must take multiple steps to get those types of data into your app.

One of my friends is a runner, he uses Strava to track his runs. They have an API, and he pulls the data from that API to a Google Sheet to build some charts.

I guess you can kind of do the same thing, but the user has to work with you to provide their data through an API that would be updated periodically. I don’t think you would have access to someone’s Apple Health data, for example.

Also, please make sure you consider this.

Glide prohibits storing: “Protected health information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and applicable health privacy laws, such as an individual’s diagnoses, treatment information, medical test results, or prescription information that is created or shared by on or behalf of a healthcare provider or health insurance provider.”

Glide restricts storing: " Health information that is not covered by HIPAA or other privacy laws, such as symptom tracking or contract tracing information that do not collect from or share information with healthcare providers or insurance providers."

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Thanks a lot @ThinhDinh, appreciate all the details you shared!

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