Counting Steps and chat

Hi, I am currently developing a fitness traking app and have 2 doubts if possible to ask.

Is there a way to count user steps? Or a workaround? Thanks!
I will be working on a user-to-user mini internal app chat, is there a way to make a chat app reduce or not count so many updates or adds for EACH message the user sends? Thanks!

There’s no direct way to do that within Glide. If the user’s steps count on their phone’s “health” app can be synced to an API, and you can pull data from that API, then I think it’s your best bet.

However, please also take note to see if the data you are trying to store would violate any of these Glide rules.

Each message will be an “add” counted towards your update. If you allow them to edit/delete, then each edit/delete will also be an update.

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Having users integrate with a 3rd party app would probably nearly impossible with Glide, no?

Building Oauth and all that.

As many as you whish… thousands… millions… billions…

Hi Alan, was looking to develop something similar, would be great to get in touch!

Yeah, I think so.

This might be a solution -

And then there’s this- which is available for Bubble, not sure how it would be implemented within Glide