When to choose: new screen/form screen/details screen

If I’m in a profile on a details view and I want to have a button go to a new screen in order to allow the owner of that profile to “activate their account”, which screen do I want that button to take me to? A details screen, form screen, edit screen, new screen? Sometimes I don’t know what the best choice is, or if it always matters? The page will include some subscription information and a monthly/annual toggle that will lead to a payhere account.


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Hi Katelyn,

I am not sure I completely understand what you are trying to achieve but I will do my best to try and explain…

Show details screen - Since you are already on the details screen this will not do much in terms of taking you anywhere different than where you currently are.
The “show details screen” is used to help you build a user interface using data across a specific row…it is just means for you to move horizontally across a row of dataset…

Show new screen - Will help you to build a completely new screen which means you also get to choose the table on top of which that screen will be built . I am not sure it will help you much in terms of what you would like to achieve.

Show edit screen - It is meant for you to be able to edit the information displayed on the screen without having to access the data editor. You get to choose which components you can edit and which ones you cannot edit. There is also the option of specifying who can edit the information based on their profile information.

If I understood your use case, you can use this option where the user will press the button and on the edit screen you can add the switch button that can be activated by the user to activate their account. This button will be linked to a Boolean column in the user profile table.

The question I would like to ask though is why the need for the button to open the screen when you can just add the switch directly on the details screen and then use visibility condition if there needs to be a specific condition that must be met before the account can be activated?


Actually, this is probably the one I would choose. Specifically, Show New Screen → This Item, which gives a new screen for the current table/row.

Another option could be to not bother opening any new screens at all, and instead use the button to toggle component visibility. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this approach as I find it can get quite busy/messy. But it can be useful.


Thank you so much Luther for this breakdown - very helpful!

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I think this is exactly what I needed, because I wanted the new screen to be related to the profile and I didn’t know that ‘this item’ was an option; I had never noticed it before and wouldn’t have understood it without you explaining it! Thanks!


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