When publishing a template Row Id functionality is removed

I’ve created a Glide template that relies on Row Id functionality.
When I publish this template and go to the url for users to copy it, the Row Id column is removed …

my template with data:

the url to copy it without Row Id

I want to be able to integrate a button to report back the RowId to a custom webhook when the user pushes a button. I don’t want the user to need to create all that functionality manually …
This could be done easily if the rowId wouldn’t be removed from the template.

When you actually copy the template, is the RowID column still missing? Is it maybe just not visible when previewing the template, but becomes visible once you copy the template?

No it isn’t see screenshot below.

I would submit this to Glide Support.


With glide tables, RowID is already built in. Adding a RowID column just exposed the Row ID that’s already there, but I suppose this is a problem if existing functionality is looking for that visible column, but it’s hidden.


Hi Jeff,

I’ve added a formula in the template that add’s the row Id to a url string.
When I copy the template. In the resulting app the “Row id” field is indeed hidden as stated above.
However the formula still works so it actually solves my issue.

Without your feedback I wouldn’t have had the insights, thanks!


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