When I go to the share page , i can't use text entry pls help me

When I go to the share page , i can’t use text entry but making page i can use .

pls help

Are you using any conditions to filter that screen?

Looks like the row has not been created yet/not available.

yes, i has conditions for using this screen but in making page i can use that.

In the builder it’s likely your row is already available. Do you have a Pro app?

I don’t have pro app. Is it necessary?

So it seems like the time for your data to be updated to Glide is too long, hence that screen, at that moment did not have a row attached with it. That screen will eventually become editable but if you have a Pro app the refresh rate will be smaller.

thank you so sir.

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You have some big size pictures or lots of rows in that table ? Maybe some circular dependencies function? It looks like it can not finish generating screen… or any CSS code there, with errors…
Also try in editor uncheck view as… option to see if you are operating as not sign in user have same issue

how to fix that?

I would have to see the app from inside
Did you try to open it on cellphone?

Take out this filter. email is sign in user, and uncheck viewing as Penza

wow, that work i take out this filter and then if i want people to use this app login for next page , how i do?

If you want only log in users , using the app, make app not public, or at least not have sign in user filter on the first tab, when users opening you app and they are not sign in yet… filter won’t populate data for them… in your editor works because you are viewing as sign in user

Do you have another way ,how to user sign in before go to the next page ?

Yes… you can use a button with action sign in, and then you can use visibility (not filter) for other elements or tabs depending on - if email is sign in user