What one tweet can do

@Antonio_Lopes launched the John Peel Sessions app today; a great music app.

I have always been a big fan of John Peel and his sessions.
And because I love this app I shared a tweet about it.

I realize that you (and I) won’t always have this impact with a tweet, but I want to share it with you. Because it shows the potential of the right tweet to the right people.

I have 35k followers on Twitter, so that’s a reasonable audience to start with. But this twee became a success because lots of other people started retweeting, including the bands I mention in the tweet. For example, Tim Burgess has almost 300k followers and he retweeted my tweet.

See the results of day 1 below, a thousand people clicked on the link to the app.


Amazing! I hope you included your referral link!

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Looks amazing! Congratulations! May I ask how did you customize the home page and other tabs to not look like a list? I’m still learning. I’m assuming it’s “details” component?

It’s a details layout, my best guess is they included:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Text

It’s pretty common to use details layout for home screens to give flexibility in linking with other parts of the app.

i didn’t think about it, stupid :wink:

Let me add a little music to this. Yesterday was fundraising day for the John Peel Centre. Me and my band were part of it. Check this! :wink:


Nice, reminds me a bit of The Go Betweens/The Church :smiley:

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I experienced the same, although at a much smaller scale, with this:

The initial boost from Glide’s Twitter account provides the much needed lift-off.

I was on a break from Public Twitter for ~2 months and decided to make a comeback with this thread.


Nice thread! Twitter can be a nasty place, but by muting and blocking you can make it a great place!

Thank you, @erwblo.

I will soon make a new post titled “What one RETWEET can do”.

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It is.

In the last 6 months I have realized that there are 2 types of Twitter.

  • High signal
  • High noise

You get what you invest your time on Twitter in.

I took the break to think with a clear mind. :slight_smile:

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John Peel and Tim Burgess mentioned in one tweet on an app building forum … I think I have entered some sort of parallel universe.

In the early 80s Peel, Mark E Smith and Morrisey saved my teenage years.


Me and my band we toured a lot with the Fall, still friends with Marc Riley. And still friends with the Peel family as well :wink:

If you played the Sheffield Leadmill between 1984 and 1993 … I probably saw you !



Thank you for your support!!!

Please see Google Analytics Report for the impact.

But i still have this info about the number of users… how is it counted @david ?

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Keep Cool


That is not a hockey stick … that’s a vertical wall !

Awesome app.

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